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 School Agers

 Fun Times Daycare uses a highly developed School Aged Program to further increase each  child’s knowledge and understanding.  We have in-depth knowledge of school system programs   based on our experience and close relationships in the school system. This gives our   Teachers the ability to guide our School-Agers towards proper development in their continuing   educational goals.  We have a dedicated bus stop for the schools in our area.  We coordinate   each child’s schedule with their School.  Our dedicated Staff are on hand to put each child on   their perspective buses; and they are on hand to receive each child upon arrival. We   coordinate with schools and their drivers during half days, holidays, school closures, and   inclimate weather early releases.



  Before and After School Program

 Our central location is convenient for Parent’s of School aged Children. We coordinate with  schools in the area to pick-up and drop-off children that are attending school. We work with  Parents and educators to ensure that the needs of each child is met. We provide age-  appropriate learning activities for our School-aged children.  Our focus is to enhance each  child’s learning experience.  This serves to increase your child’s knowledge and  understanding. We are highly dedicated in tailoring our curriculum towards each child’s growth   and development.



School Agers